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Posted on February 24, 2014

Are you making an emotional connection with consumers?

“A critical component of a great brand and the most essential element of its composition is that the experience of the brand must create an emotional connection with the consumer.  Emotion is the one human ability that cannot be automated and companies need to embrace the notion that their stories are perhaps more important than their products.”

Rolf Jensen, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies

Are you making an emotional connection with consumers?

As products and services become more commoditized failure to establish an emotional connection with your consumers means you risk losing brand loyalty and favourable  buying decisions.  Think about it – how much difference is there really between Toronto Dominion Bank and Royal Bank of Canada?  They offer pretty much identical products, services, personnel, expertise, rates, and locations.  Yet some people loyally stand by one versus the other. Why?  Probably because they have established an emotional connection.

If you’re at all concerned about how your brand stacks up in this type of market you should consider undertaking a Brand Clarity exercise.

What is Brand Clarity™?

Brand Clarity™ is a flexible brand- and brain-storming exercise designed to uncover the most relevant and compelling story for a product, company, or individual.  It is intended to enable you to make a critical emotional connection with your stakeholders.

Using a variety of brainstorming tools and exercises the objective of the session is to bring clarity to confusion, simplicity to complexity, and new thinking to conventional thought.

The outcome is the creation of relevant, actionable ideas which will form a viable, reliable foundation for strategic communications enhancing your ability to create an emotional connection with target consumers.  You will come to understand and bring clarity to your brand and your story.

What is a Brand Clarity™ session?

It is a session where we lead a team in a challenge to ensure that the brand vision has about it three qualities.

  1. Clarity – Is the brand expression clear and relevant?  Is it transparently founded upon organizational realities?  Is it believable to both internal and external stakeholders?  Is it supportable in our storytelling and in our organizational action?
  2. Simplicity – Is the brand expression simply expressed?  Could everyone from the executive suite to the factory floor tell someone what our brand stands for?  Is it sustainable in expression?  Is it unique in its simplicity?
  3. Wit – Is the brand expression engaging – visually, emotionally, practically?  Is it versatile enough to engage stakeholders regardless of medium?  Is it compelling?  Does it effectively enhance our storytelling?

The objective of the Brand Clarity™ session is simple:

To gain a solid foundation of brand principles, attributes and values leading to a clear expression of the essence of the brand.

The strategy of the Brand Clarity™ session is also simple:

Identify relevant and compelling information about the business.

The tactic we employ is conducting exercises which provide words/descriptions/feelings that allow us to build a brand pyramid which is entirely unique to the business.

Contact us today to begin bringing clarity and connection to your brand.