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Posted on September 28, 2016

Small potatoes. Big impact.

Orange Keel brings Carisma™ to life for Earth Fresh Foods.

Now, even folks following a Low Glycemic Index diet can have their potatoes and eat them too!Introducing Carisma from EarthFresh Foods

And that’s no small potatoes to the folks at Earth Fresh Foods and the Canadian Diabetes Association.  Grown and distributed by EarthFresh, Carisma™ potatoes provide a healthy choice with an exceptional rich, melt in the mouth, creamy flavour. Canada’s first low glycemic response all-purpose potato is supported by the Canadian Diabetes Association.

This variety resulted from the potato breeding programs’ focus on lower reducing sugars and high dry matter. These are among the factors that influence Carisma’s nutritional content and GI* characteristics. The Canadian Diabetes Association recommend consumers choose low-GI foods

At Orange Keel we were delighted to bring our talents to the table in designing the brand, packaging and website for this important addition to the Earth Fresh family.

Our challenge with Carisma was to provide it a fresh, distinctive presence while still maintaining continuity with the overall design platform we’ve created for Earth Fresh. We achieved that by maintaining similar design language, elements and architecture throughout the line.

It’s one of the things we do really well at Orange Keel – create a distinctive presence in the market for our clients while establishing emotion-based connections with their clientele.

And that too is no small potatoes!

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