Millennials want to work for organizations with purpose.

Millennials have a generally pro-business outlook. But, overwhelmingly, 75 percent of those surveyed believe business is focused on its own agenda, rather than the helping to improve society. For 60 percent, “a sense of purpose” is part of the reason they chose to work for their current employers. Among those who define themselves as high users of social networking tools, this number increases to 77 percent.*

Some years ago (working in collaboration with another design firm) I was involved in the rebranding of one of Canada’s leading wineries.  During the Brand Clarity exercise we spent some time considering the impact of emerging markets especially including Millennials.  The Millennial Generation (born 1982-2004) today comprises roughly 100 million people mostly in their teens and 20s. What we learned was that both as employers and marketers there were important differences about this cohort that had to be considered to ensure our brand expression was relevant, compelling and assured of making an emotional connection.

More recently, again undertaking a Brand Clarity exercise for our client EarthFresh Foods, we learned that organizations and corporations that genuinely and transparently put their money where their mouth is are at a considerable advantage in the realm of competing for both employee and customer loyalty.

EarthFresh recently moved from a Toronto location to Burlington.  The new plant is vastly more efficient, has a much greater production capacity, and is architecturally and aesthetically relevant to the business.  What is not so visible though are some of the behind-the-scenes initiatives of this forward-thinking company.

The company implemented a shuttle system for many of their employees.  While this would help EarthFresh maintain production efficiency and continuity it was perhaps even more meaningful from the perspective of acknowledging the important role it’s people on the floor played in the company’s success.  There are many corporations that would simply have looked to hire new people in the new location but not EarthFresh.

Additionally, when I first visited the company’s Toronto plant I remarked on how they had carved out a small space for fitness and exercise.  It was impressive to see that in the new plant there is a larger, well-equipped facility and while that alone should earn kudos, it becomes even more impressive to realize that the company also brings in a trainer three times per week to assist in employee fitness.

I am sure there are other examples of EarthFresh Inc’s thoughtful approach to employee engagement but it is heartening to see a company embracing the reality and benefit of doing good.

While initiatives of this sort are of course of benefit to all demographic groups they will have particular resonance with Millennials and position EarthFresh well for future growth and profit.

This thoughtful approach extends to the company’s product development realm as well and in the near future you will see innovative potato products emerging from this firm.

We are lucky to have them as a client and would be delighted to share the Orange Keel approach to creative designed communication and branding with other like-minded organizations.

If you’re interested in learning more about Millennials in particular this link has some top-line insight.