a Complete Brand Re-Aligment and Refresh

Where we started

In business since 1963, Earth Fresh is privately-owned produce company specializing in supplying the Food Service and Retail industries with premium potatoes, carrots and onions. They are a market leader with the largest stock of exclusive potato varieties in North America.

Pretty impressive and yet, the manner in which they presented the company to the market was diffused and confused.


What we did

With the enthusiastic and willing cooperation of the Earth Fresh team Orange Keel led them down a road of exploration including:

Marketing and Innovation Strategy – Utilizing our Brand Clarity™️ process we helped Earth Fresh come to understand the reality of the business and to define language & visual expressions leveraging its  legacy and  capitalizing on the emotional connection to the earth.

Brand Strategy – Earth Fresh packed and sold a lot of potatoes. But one would be hard pressed to recognize that this impressive product line up came from the same organization. We worked with Earth Fresh to redefine and re-categorize the entire product line and create an environment where new products could be introduced in a seamless and logical fashion.

Brand Creation – As you will readily see when viewing the ‘before’ photos here, Earth Fresh was almost entirely inconsistent with little little impact on shelf.   Orange Keel created an entirely refreshed brand hierarchy.

Brand Expression – Once we had a cohesive brand platform and category foundation we turned our attention to brand expression. Orange Keel designed and executed all elements of the new Earth Fresh brand offering including packaging, collateral material, display, vehicle livery, promotion, and a comprehensive website rebuild. (http://earthfreshfoods.com/)

Where we came to

Here you can see the ‘after’ results of Orange Keel’s work with Earth Fresh.



What our client said

“On our website we describe Earth Fresh in this manner:

EarthFresh is…a team of fantastic people who are joined together by the same belief – that “fresh produce is a way of life”. Our staff is comprised of passionate, caring, hard working men and women … who adhere to “best practices” … and who always maintain the highest levels of honesty and integrity in everything they do.

I can confidently state that the Orange Keel team fit with our ethos and approach like a hand in a glove. Their work helped us bring clarity to the brand at all levels of the organization while delivering a cohesive and relevant expression of our mission to all elements of our marketing mix.”

- Stephanie Cutaia, Marketing Manager, Earth Fresh Foods