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Building a better future through design

We are an award-winning boutique design studio, committed to building back a better future via design. Our focus is on creating a sustainability packaging platform for food and beverage companies. We leverage our global network and expertise to understand who’s winning the race to build back better and implement those learnings into best practice for our clients.


Sustainability is no longer about recycled paper or vegetable inks.

All food companies are trying to figure out a sustainability platform. There’s a lot of desire and an overwhelming amount of information and people aren’t clear how to approach it. We work with food companies to create a sustainability strategy for packaging that can be implemented step-by-step over time. 


Muna Lallas


Having grown up in the Middle East and London, Muna Lallas was heavily influenced by European package design and advertising. She has been working as a designer in the food and beverage industry for over 25 years, including 15 years as Art Director at Loblaws Brands, where her team routinely delivered over private label 2,000 SKU’s per year.


Muna founded Orange Keel Brand Strategy and Design in 2007. The company has been worked with many of Canada’s most innovative food and beverage brands. She brings together a team of top design talent for each project. Her vision is to lead Canada in the sustainability movement. It’s no longer about recycled paper and vegetable inks.



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