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Critical Path

a Brand Revitalization
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Where we started

To differentiate your offering in a commoditized market poses a real challenge so when the courier company Critical Path Express found itself struggling it asked Orange Keel to elevate its brand presence. On the visual front this began with the realization that the company’s logo and typography didn’t effectively represent what the organization could now deliver. Critical Path had come a very long way from a man on a bicycle delivering floppy disks, CDs, and film between photographers, designers, and ad agencies! The sort of bohemian edge of the current brand expression wasn’t appropriate for a grown up.
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What we did

We worked closely with a senior Critical Path team to garner their thoughts on what set the company apart from any other company moving stuff from point A to point B. Our approach with Critical Path was based upon our insight that in many cases a company’s stories are as, if not more important, than its products. Where Critical Path genuinely differentiates itself in the courier market is in its willingness to say yes. They truly believe in their stated vision of Anytime, Anywhere, Anything. So Orange Keel dug into the memories of Critical Path personnel to uncover stories which legitimized the company’s claim. These stories are told visually and verbally through the company’s website, vehicle livery, publications and marketing literature.

Where we came to

We highlighted the true stories that make Critical Path unique. Which was the recurring theme of always finding a way to say yes to their customer's requests.

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“The design of our new site incorporates Critical Path’s brand refresh. We are excited about the clean, new design which is easier to navigate and client-friendly. Our core business is the same as it has always been. However we have grown over the years and this website better showcases our total capabilities and strengths. We are delighted with the outcome of the brand refresh and commend Orange Keel for the thoroughness and creativity of their approach and execution.”
Greg Doff
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