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Jubilee Market

Jubilee Market is a local grocery store in Oakville, Ontario.


Our mandate was to provide the store an update to their visual identity and the store front. Our team also were tasked with developing a tagline that would support the company in a very competitive market.


Jubilee is the only grocer in downtown Oakville, but there are numerous grocery stores within a ten minute drive. So the branding plays a critical role in establishing the presence of the store.


Developing the tagline was an exercise that involved getting to know the environment and the people. The stores location, its staff and customers. 


The owners takes great pride in offering the best local produce to his loyal customers.


The tagline, We Hand Pick Everything …. a 100% true statement.


We developed their logo redesign, their store front awning and store window designs.

Today, more than ten years later, our designs are still in use and looking as fresh as the day they were first deployed.

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